Trump is not the problem

I want you all to stop.

Stop saying Trump is the problem. Stop saying How could they? Stop saying We need to get rid of Trump.

Trump can get in the fucking sea. He could be on a boat attacked by the kraken, crushing the boat and cracking it in half so everyone is flung into the water and then ignoring the other inhabitants and picking Trump up in one of its giant tentacles and stuffing him whole into its enormous mouth, and I would not feel remotely sad. Maybe for Barron. I feel sorry for Barron.

I won’t feel sorry for him when he is like Trump Jr brandishing his privilege and his slicked back hair like a skeezy villain. The kind of guy that walks up to a woman in a bar and flashes his white toothy grin and you feel a shiver down your spine because you just know this guy is gross. A bit like Christian Bale in American Psycho which I totally haven’t watched because why watch American Psycho when I could just watch the news?

Spot the Difference?

If Trump disappeared tomorrow the world would still be a fucking mess.

A huge mess. Big mess. Very messy.

Trump is a problem but so are the 4155168521 people like him. I made the number up, okay. I mashed my keyboard. I hear that’s how facts work now.

I’m not even talking about America. I’ve never lived there. I only care about America because Americans seem to have an impression they are leaders of the free world.


If Trump got eaten by a giant bear tomorrow, which I’m not saying will happen, but it might, there is a remote possibility this could occur, then the world would keep going. We’d all breathe an enormous sigh of relief and then wake up tomorrow and find a million different people still shouting. We’d wake up in a world with men still trying to deny women the right to their own bodies. We’d wake up with white supremacy.

This morning I woke up in a country many people admire for its equality, and for its generally benevolent status in world politics. I woke up in a country which recently passed a law banning the niqab. One where its immigration minister baked a cake for the occasion of passing her 50th amendment tightening immigration laws. Hooray for pandering to the far right!

I have grown to love Denmark and I honestly believe the Danish people are better than this pandering. But not good enough to let fear get in the way of doing what is right. Next month we leave Denmark, and move to Australia.

Australia. With it’s detention centres on Manus Island. A country that has dragged its heels over allowing gay marriage. A country that needs to have a serious reckoning over its treatment of its Indigenous people. Both historically and also now, like right now. A country where not securing consent is somehow considered not rape.

Its not like my home country is any better. With something that National are finally calling a ‘Housing Crisis’. Where parents in fulltime jobs are struggling to afford the basics of housing and food for their children. With people more willing to spend millions on healthcare and motels rather than spend money ensuring kids don’t end up with rheumatic fever in the first place because they don’t want to give “handouts” to people who are disproportionately brown.

Oh, the rest of the world? Well Ireland finally lets women not die in pregnancy, but not Northern Ireland. Who don’t have a single Rape Crisis centre  by the way. In Calais, refugees have their tents, and sleeping bags removed by a government employed militia, but that Macron – he’s pretty cool eh? And Mexico is a pretty fucking grim place to be a woman, actually a lot of the world is a grim place to be a woman.

But never mind all that. ALL OF THAT. Let’s sit around and bitch about Trump. Let’s bitch about reverse sexism, and reverse racism cause somehow people think that’s a thing. Let’s miss the point entirely and say All Lives Matter, but especially yours, because people can’t listen and understand contexts and how political and social structures impact our daily lives and that some people suffer more under these than others.

Trump is not the problem. The world is the problem. Let’s stop holding Trump up, like a Nelson’s Column of everything that is wrong. There is plenty wrong with his Ableist, Racist, Sexist arse, but he’s not a column. He’s only the apex of a pyramid, and if he wandered into a pyramid and then the door shut and he was stuck wandering around in its maze like interior and then he accidentally woke the Mummy who cursed him and chased him back through a pit of scarabs and out the door into the desert where it turned into a giant face and ate him, which I’m not saying is likely to happen, but you know I saw a movie and anything on the screen is like a fact now, so if all of that did happen, all we would find is a new fucking apex on the pyramid.

We’ve got to knock the whole damn thing down.

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