About Me


Haere Mai.

I’m Francesca and this is My Flatpack Life.

I’m a New Zealander, but I currently live in Denmark.

I’m a wife, an expat spouse. I’m a stay at home mum. But I’m a feminist. Is that a ‘but’ or an ‘and’?

I’m a mother to two children, son ‘MJ’ and daughter ‘AJ’. I love my children, but when my daughter was born I experienced a uterine inversion, and a severe post-partum hemorrhage . If I’m honest I’m still recovering from that.

I’m a daughter, but my mother is dead.

They say big life events divide your life into ‘before’ and ‘after’. But I’m not sure which is before and which is after.

I’m just looking at the pieces of my life, and trying to work out how they all fit together.

You are welcome to join me here, and I welcome spirited debate, but abuse will not be tolerated.

You can also join me at my Facebook Page,on Twitter or on Instagram.